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The First Chinese Sheriff in San Francisco

[Translate] David Wong immigrated to San Francisco in 1976 with his family from Hong Kong. While David attended grade school, his parents struggled to make ends meet. His father worked as a pastry baker in a Chinese bakery store and his mother worked as a kitchen worker... Read More

San Francsico Jail

[Translate] San Francisco Jail David Wong is running for Sheriff of San Francisco.  He has exclusive ideas to develop working rehabilitating programs for San Francisco County Jail prisoners.  The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation conducted a evaluation... Read More

David Wong, candidate for San Franciso Sheriff, has expericence in the United States Army!

[Translate] David Wong was in the United States Army.  He was a telecommunications operator for three years.  The United States Army has a vast arsenal of equipment and vehicles, and it has a complex and ever expanding system of electronic communications. It is a field... Read More

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